Finding the best budget miter saw of 2017

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10 compound miter sawAlso known as a drop saw, a miter saw is a power tool used to make quick, accurate crosscuts in a work piece at a selected angle.

The best budget miter saw makes cuts by pushing a spinning circular saw blade onto a work piece in a short, controlled motion.

The work piece is normally held against a fence to provide a precise cutting angle between the plane of the longest work piece edge and the plane of the blade.

Anyone looking to make precise, accurate cuts over and over needs to on a good quality miter saw.

It is important to understand the key features of a miter saw, in addition to extra benefits such as laser and dust extraction to ensure that you purchase a miter saw that will do a good job consistently.

The saw should be safe to use, which means that it should have a blade guard that allows only the blade to become exposed as it moves towards the work piece. Again for safety, the switches should be positioned and controlled in a manner that keeps the user’s hands safe from the high sped cutting blade.

5 Things to look for in the best budget miter saw

Here are other features of a miter saw you should consider, and why you should choose a top rated miter saw to get the best out of them.

The blade

This is what determines the height or depth of cut. The saw normally comes in 8, 10, or 12 inch blades. There are different types of blades for cutting different styles of materials. Some are for aluminum, wood or mil steel. Regardless of the type of blade, top rated miter saws have more teeth which usually results in finer cuts for finishing.

The miter

From its name, a miter saw is designed to cut miters (angled cuts). Bosch is one of the top miter saw manufacturers. To this effect, the saw is usually preset to adjust to a variety of popular angles such as 45º. Some saws only miter to one side, which limits their operations, but premium models will miter to the left or right as desired making them more convenient to use.

The slide

Some saws come without a slide but most high quality ones comes with one. The slide gives the miter saw the ability to cut pieces of wood to greater depths. Similar to blade size, check the slide specs of the saw you are considering to determine the capacities of cut they are capable of. Those without a slide are usually referred to as cut-off saws or chop saws.

The compound/bevel

A good saw should allow you to cut 2 angles at once, and the bevel is the feature that makes this possible. The beveling action allows you to make complex angled cuts without having to turn over the wood.

Dust extraction and management

One area of sawing that most people ignore is the amounts of saw dust generated. Top rated saws are compatible with vacuum or dust extractor attachments for reducing the amount of saw dust blown into the air.